District Meeting Dates and Locations / Dates et lieux des réunions district d’automne

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District Meeting Dates are as follows:

Meeting NameDistrictsElectionsMeeting
TimeRegister Here:
Meeting A5,65January 16, 20237: 30 pmZoom Meeting A
Meeting B88January 17, 20237: 30 pmZoom Meeting B
Meeting C1,2,71January 18, 20237: 30 pmZoom Meeting C
Meeting D*3,43January 14, 202311: 00 amZone Meeting D
*Meeting D will have simultaneous translation!


District 1, which shall consist of Carleton County;
District 2, which shall consist of Victoria County except Drummond Parish;
District 3, which shall consist of Drummond Parish in Victoria County and the counties of Madawaska and Restigouche;
District 4, which shall consist of the counties of Gloucester and Northumberland;
District 5, which shall consist of the counties of Westmorland and Albert;
District 6, which shall consist of Kent County;
District 7, which shall consist of the counties of Queens, Sunbury, York and Charlotte; and
District 8, which shall consist of the counties of Kings and Saint John.

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Nom de la réunionDistrictÉlectionsDateTempsS’il vous plait enregistrez vous
Réunion A5,6516 janvier 202319h30Zoom A
Réunion B8817 janvier 202319h30Zoom B
Réunion C1,2,7118 janvier 202319h30Zoom C
Réunion D*3,4314 janvier 202311hZoom D
*La réunion D aura une traduction simultanée


District 1, Carleton;
District 2, Victoria à l’exception Drummond Parish;
District 3, Drummond Parish in Victoria, Madawaska, et Restigouche;
District 4, Gloucester et Northumberland;
District 5, Westmorland et Albert;
District 6, Kent;
District 7, Queens, Sunbury, York et Charlotte; et
District 8, Kings et Saint John.