Update: Legal Issue Resolved

The New Brunswick Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the NBCP, clearing the way for a levy increase from $3 to $6 per head. The decision is good news for the organization, which can now focus 100 per cent on its plans to strengthen and expand the province’s beef industry.

The NBCP held a plebiscite vote in 2016 that saw members agree to a number of changes regarding producer registration and changes to the districts that make up regional representation for the organization following 2-years of industry consultation. The plebiscite process was challenged in front of the N.B. Farm Products Commission, with a ruling in favour of the NBCP, then appealed, landing the matter in front of the New Brunswick Court of Appeal. The appeal court’s decision was rendered in January.

Five organizational changes that were on hold since the legal proceedings began in 2016 are now in effect. They are:

– Eligible producers must hold current NBCP license,

– The NBCP regions would be reorganized,

– The board of director would now include members-at-large,

– The NBCP would begin holding annual meetings,

– The NBCP board would have authority to remove a member if required.

“Our goal with these changes has always been to improve producer representation at the board level and producer engagement in our industry,” says NBCP chairperson Nathan Phinney.