Board of Directors

Conseil d'Administration 2022-23

Trevor Welch - Chair, District 1

8389 Route 107 Glassville, NB E7L 1B5
Tel : 246-6000
Cell : 328-5393

Philippe Morin - District 3

(Drummond Parish in Victoria C. Madawaska & Restigouche)
144 Ch du Pouvoir Edmundston, NB E3V 2Y1
Tel: 353-5569
Cell: 838-4569

Nathan Phinney - District 5

(Westmorland & Albert)
167 Mount View Road.
Sackville NB E4L 1N5
Tel: 939-0993
Cell: 536-7563
Email :

josh mcfadgen, - District 7

(Queens, Sunbury, York & Charlotte)
204 Froglake Rd.
Harvey, NB E6K 2E4
Cell: 461-9366

john schuttenbeld - VICE-CHAIR, nb dairy rep.

Cell: 506-434-2357
1825 Route 105
Maugerville, NB E3A 8J3
Tel: 461-9254

Districts are as follows:

(a)District 1, which shall consist of Carleton County;

(b)District 2, which shall consist of Victoria County except Drummond Parish;

(c)District 3, which shall consist of Drummond Parish in Victoria County and the counties of Madawaska and Restigouche;

(d)District 4, which shall consist of the counties of Gloucester and Northumberland;

(e)District 5, which shall consist of the counties of Westmorland and Albert;

(f)District 6, which shall consist of Kent County;

(g)District 7, which shall consist of the counties of Queens, Sunbury, York and Charlotte; and

(h)District 8, which shall consist of the counties of Kings and Saint John. 3(3)One member shall be appointed by the Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick

CHARLIE DYER - District 2

(Victoria County (Except Drummond Parish)
(Except Drummond Parish)
Cell: 260-2297

Richard siddall - District 4

(Gloucester & Northumberland)
418 Parker Rd. Parker, NB E1V 5E5
Cell: 251-0811

Bruce Hickey - District 6

(Kent County)
9605 Route 116
Upper Rexton, NB E4W 3B8
Tel: 523-7543
Cell: 523-8629

Donald Bettle - District 8

(Kings and Saint John)
130 Bettle Point Road Passekeag, NB E5N 7L4
Tel: 832-5740
Fax: 832-9466