Atlantic Feedlot School-2019

We are extremely pleased to present a comprehensive feedlot school on April 11th, 2019 in Nappan, NS that provides focus on Dairy-Beef production. We have special guests coming in from the University of Wisconsin and extension services: Mr. Dan Schaeffer and Mr. Bill Halfman. These two will provide an excellent resource to the day of feedlot school and attendees will be able to bring back to their farms.

We also have Mr. Francois Massicotte joining us from La Coop Fédérée who is their subject matter expert in feeding these dairy and dairy cross calves to the beef market pre-weaning. A big Thanks goes out to Atlantic Farm Services for sponsoring this speaker to join us at the Feedlot School.

Also it wouldn’t be a Feedlot School without involving our regional processor- Atlantic Beef Products. Bruce Andrews will join us for the day and give a presentation about how these dairy and dairy cross animals can look from his perspective and what that looks like for an end user.

The Maritime Beef Council is pleased to be able to put together this day, and we invite you to register quickly an take advantage of these resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (506) 349-5395 or . I will be sending out some pre-work ahead of the Feedlot school- in an effort to avoid requiring an overnight stay to go over all of the subject content. The Registration Deadline is Friday, April 5th in order to have sufficient time to get the pre-work done.

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Amy Higgins
Industry Coordinator
Maritime Beef Council
(506) 349-5395

The event is finished.


Apr 11 2019


All Day