Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is dependent upon the health of all sectors along the supply chain – between producers at the cow/calf level, the feedlots and the processors. The people who operate Canada’s 68,500 beef farms and feedlots understand that sustainable management is essential for good beef and good business. The decisions made by producers in this regard include management decisions that protect the land resource and work with it in a beneficial way to sustain cattle production for the long-term.

Beef Cattle Research Council

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) was established by the CCA in 1997 to determine research and development priorities for the beef cattle industry and, since 2000, to administrate the research funding allocation of the National Check-off.

Nominations accepted for producer award.

The NBCP has created a Beef Producer of the Year award to recognize outstanding producers that have contributed to the development of the industry. The straightforward application form includes sections for describing a why a nominee should receive the award, special innovations and farm practices, and contributions to industry development. Completed nomination forms should be submitted (mail, fax or email) …

NBCP moves to implement producer registration

The NBCP is adopting an annual producer registration form. The goal is to have a better handle on who NBCP members are, and what needs they have, so resources can be better matched. The registration form is straightforward and easy to fill out.